About Your Trip

What is the difference between the 6am and 7am bus?

6AM: Direct bus to Paracas, which we tend to use on our shorter day trips so you can make it to Huacachina on time to make it for the dunebuggy and sandboarding tour.

7AM: Bus with stops along the way; Christ Statue, Pachacamac and Chincha Slave Tunnels. One night in Paracas is required.

Are there any pre-selected seats?

No, it is not possible to select specific any seats.

How do I find out the departure times of my buses?

You will get a physical copy of this once you start your trip.

Also, you can check your bus itinerary using your Escape From Login account through our website.

How do the pick-ups work?

We pick you up from your hotel in Lima. Before we pick you up from these locations, you will of course need to let us know where you will be staying so we can pick you up.

You can add this information to your Hop Login. Please see our FAQ section ABOUT YOUR EFL LOGIN for more information.

You need to let us know any changes to your schedule 12 hours before your departure time.

NOTE: If your hotel is not on the list, it is because our bus does not have access to the hotel due to narrow streets. We then kindly as you to make your way to one of the hotels or located listed below:

Lima: McDonald’s at Kennedy Park, Miraflores; Starbucks at the Plaza in Barranco, and select hotels in downtown Lima

IMPORTANT: Always be on time for your pick-up. You will see the precise pick-up time in your booking confirmation. Please be ready at your hotel/hostel reception at the earliest time mentioned in your confirmation email.

Where do we eat?

At each destination, we usually have deals with 2 or 3 restaurants that we think are the best value places to eat.

You are free to eat wherever you want!

Our guides will simply give you their recommendations, but we do NOT earn commission from any restaurant, unlike other tour agencies… we simply ask the restaurants to give us discounts for our passengers as an extra benefit of travelling with Escape From Lima compared to travelling with other companies.

What is not allowed on the bus?

We don’t like to give our passengers restrictions, but we do have a few rules:

• Only number 1 (pee) is allowed on our buses. The toilets are not equipped for number 2.
• On-board behaviour that disturbs other passengers is in no way allowed.
• Please respect our property. We do our best to take care of our buses to ensure you are comfortable during your trip. We hope that you can let other passengers enjoy the same experience.
• Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited on board.
• There is no smoking allowed on board (this includes in our toilets).


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