Bellow is our guide to the El Catador Pisco Vineyard tour. This tour is included in many of our day trips where you will get to experience the most authentic pisco in Peru.


The Peruvian national drink is Pisco. If you’ve ever wondered how Pisco is actually made, you can now find out at one of our many unique free stops, which involves visiting an amazing 130 year old Pisco Vineyard.


The name of the Pisco Vineyard that Escape From Lima tours visit is called El Catador. It is a vineyard which has been passed down through 5 generations. Throughout all these years and generations, holding the balance between keeping old traditions alive and incorporating new technology to produce enough Pisco has proved to be a challenge. The whole process is completely handmade, as it is a part of the tradition in Ica.

Many different types of grapes grow here, including negra criolla, mollar, uvina, quebranta, torontel, moscatel and italia being the most popular varieties.

The first thing explained is the festival, known as Vendimia, which takes place every year during harvest time in February and March, where everyone is invited to be part of the entire experience. This begins from the collection of the grapes, then carrying them to the grape press and getting to participate in a pressing. A scene perhaps witnessed by some before in other places: people treading grapes following the rhythm of music.


The process:

This is the produce from 8,000kg of processed grapes. The body which comes out of the chamber is placed in special plastic containers for pisco, where it rests for a month. After one month passes, the pisco is finally ready, at 42% alcohol it is bottled and goes up for sale. If you find yourself leaving the Pisco Vineyard with a bottle of pisco, make sure to check out all of the different drinks you can make with them!


What to bring: