Ballestas Islands: Below is our extensive 2019 guide about the Ballestas Islands in Paracas containing information on everything from how to get there, itineraries, prices to FAQs.


Ballestas Islands Brief Summary:



How to get to the Ballestas Islands:

Located off the coast of the small coastal town of Paracas, the best way to get to the islands is to take a speedboat tour from Paracas.

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Ballestas FAQs:

Q: I am planning to follow your recommended minimum schedule leaving on one of the 07:00 am departures from Lima. Spending the first night in Paracas do I have time to do the Ballestas Island Tour, go on the free National Reserve Tour and still catch the bus leaving for Huacachina at 13:00 pm on the second day?

A: Yes, our buses are programmed to allow you to visit the Ballestas Islands (08:00-10: 00 am), the Paracas National Reserve (depart 11:00am) and still leave for Huacachina at 13:00pm to arrive in time for sandboarding at sunset!

Q: I do not feel well and wish to cancel my tour for the next morning. Will I get a refund?

A: Escape From Lima does not operate the Ballestas Islands trip. The tour provider allows cancellations up to 18:00 pm the day before at no cost. Cancellations after this time or missed tours will be charged the full fee.

Q: I woke up late and missed my tour. Can I change it for tomorrow?

A: Unfortunately, the operator of the Ballestas Island will charge fully for any NO SHOW or missed tours not previously cancelled before 18:00 pm the day before. If you would like to book the tour again for the next day then this is possible, but you will have to pay a second time.

Q: Is there a pick up?

A: No, we meet at Frayles Residencial Hotel. Paracas is a tiny village, just a couple of hundred meters long and Frayles Residencial Hotel is very centrally located.

Q: Is it possible to walk on the islands or to go swimming?

A: The islands are protected, meaning you cannot swim with the animals or walk on the islands themselves, but you will get very close to them by boat. A unique experience for those that will not make it to the Galapagos.

Ballestas Islands Tour Information:

Escape From Lima does not operate any tours to the Islands but, the tour is included in your pass. To see Escape From Lima’s other recommended operators for this tour, read below.

IMPORTANT NOTE:This tour is shortened to 1 hour and a half during holiday periods (e.g. Easter weekend, end of July).


Average monthly temperatures ranges between 15.5°C (60°F) - 22°C(72°F).There is no rainy season. The Park can be visited throughout the year.

What to bring: