Nazca Lines Flight Tour: Below is our 2019 extensive guide about the Nazca Lines Flights; from how to get there, itineraries, prices, and FAQs!


Nazca Lines (including Cantalloc Aqueduct Systems) Brief Summary:



Nazca Lines Tour Information:

Escape From Lima does not operate any Nazca Lines' Flights, but they are included in our day trips through our partners. To see Escape From Lima’s recommended operators for this tour, read below.

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Nazca Lines FAQs:

Q: Do we recommend the Nazca Lines Flight?

A: Yes. The flight is the ONLY way to see the classic pictures on postcards with views of the lines from above. There are hundreds of figures scattered across the desert, which you will only be able to see by taking the flight! The astronaut, the monkey, the hummingbird and the spider can only be truly appreciated from the air.

Q: Can Escape From Lima help me reserve the flight?

A: Yes, depending on the Escape From Lima day trip pass you choose, the flight will be included. This way, we will organise everything for you as long as you provide us with all of the required details and follow the guidelines.

Q: I have read that there are a lot of accidents. Is the flight safe?

A: Yes, years ago there were occasional accidents as there was not so much control on flight safety. Now flights are only authorized to leave during appropriate weather conditions and all the flight companies must adhere to strict safety guidelines. If the weather conditions change then no flight company is allowed to depart from the airport. Weather conditions are best early in the morning, so we always recommend getting down to Nazca as early as possible for the flight to avoid disappointment. There have been no accidents for many years and we only work with the safest company, AeroNasca.

Q: I suffer from motion sickness. Would you still recommend the flight?

A: The flight is not recommended for those susceptible to flight sickness. The planes are typically small 8/10 seat passenger planes and although the flight duration is around 30 minutes, it allows passengers on both sides of the plane see all the Lines. Consequently, the plane must encircle each line first from one side and then from the other.

Q: What else is there to see in Nazca?

A: The main thing to do in Nazca is the Nazca Lines Flight. Other than that there are a couple of museums that are worth a look and also the Chauchilla cemetery with excellently preserved ancient mummies. We advise against spending more than the day trip here.

If you prefer making your own way to Nazca, Cruz del Sur, a well-known local bus company, manages trips regularly from Ica to Nazca (approx. 40 soles, 2.5 hours). Ica itself is a short taxi ride from Huacachina (7 soles, 15 mins). For example, leaving Huacachina at 8am you should be in Nazca by 11am.

Nazca Lines Flight with AeroNasca


Average monthly temperatures ranges between 25°C - 30°C. There is no rainy season. The flight can be done all throughout the year.

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